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Internal and external communication documents proofreading

There is a saying that goes: “The surest way to find spelling and grammar mistakes is to hit send!”
This brings up a simple question: as a business, is your copy aligned with your brand message and image?

In my experience, culture does affect the words we choose.

Let’s make sure your French-English translations reflect the brand message in your internal and external communication documents, such as user guides, training materials, brochures and so on.

Internal and external communication documents proofreading

Have you had your business documents recently translated but feel that something is still missing?

Maybe the impact for your audience is not quite there?

Potential clients reach out to me just after finding themselves saying out loud:

“My online translation lacks in precision, it doesn’t relay what I really want to say!”

You have already gone though the writing process and now in the final stage before publication or sending that document, the edit and proofreading is the next step. That’s where I come in.
As we know, four eyes are always better than two! The brain can play tricks on us, and make us go:

“But I looked at the document dozens of times, I just didn’t see that error!”

Proofreading your business documents, slides, written correspondence, will establish your credibility and reputation both in the marketplace and with your customers. It increases the value of your brand equity.

Why choose me ?

In assisting with your translation, I am here to make sure that your business voice is heard in the written word! Indeed, overlooking this step could lead to unwanted surprises and loss of revenue.

  • When you contact me, we will identify if the tone of the copy matches the desired business message.
  • Then, according to the agreed checklist, as each task is completed, we move on to the next one.
  • We will meet regularly to approve the corrections made along the way. No waiting until the end of the project to find out that the beginning wasn’t right!

Your ongoing feedback is critical for our collaboration success.
Your continuing satisfaction will be my goal during this process of editing and proofreading

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