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Art is (literally) all around us !

Art is (literally) all around us !

2021 certainly has been a continuation of (Covid) challenges and constantly adjusting to changes in home life, work life and staying sane.  This year has also been one of great events such as « Covid-19 Pages :  The Influence & Inspiration of Women »  a virtual...

Afrivisage:  My entrepreneurial journey

Afrivisage: My entrepreneurial journey

As a response to the global pandemic, in March 2020, my soul told me to search for a creative idea. Afrivisage is the story of two black female co-founders responding to a need in their community. Early in the pandemic, masks were difficult to find! Making masks from...

Pass it On with CWR Talent (podcast)

Pass it On with CWR Talent (podcast)

What is one of the most pertinent topics of the day? Resilience!  How do we build resilience?  Learning to love criticism!  Yes, it's true! Joining in on the podcast "Resilience in High Achievers and Learning to Love Criticism" with Nick O'Donnell of The Spinning...

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