Together, we test the limits of teamwork, leadership and communication.

When I help you craft and develop your internal training programs, the focus ison the true potential of your employees in order to enhance their ability to communicate effectively, and successfully manage multi-cultural business teams and projects.

The Positive Lee Consultancy is dedicated to integrating social media networks into collaborative work environments that enhance problem solving skills and the acquisition of analytical thinking skills.

Case Studies

• Back in 2007, companies faced the unprecedented challenge of bringing technology to the classroom. They needed to embrace virtual training environments as a legitimate tool to reaching their training goals. Positive Lee created a bespoke LMS (e-elearning, hybrid and serious games) to address these needs.

• When 2 business schools needed to merge into 1 division, we combined 2 school course curriculums into 1 communications course load. Positive Lee was the appointed consultancy and provided training for 7 Department Heads and over 20 teachers of French, English and Spanish.

• Communication training is essential to every company. This is why it is critical to develop internal strategies that reinforce consistency across all staff members and business activities. Sales booklets, handbooks, workbooks, among others, is what Positively Lee regularly creates for corporate clients.

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