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No matter who your audience may be, public speaking is a useful skill to have from making a professional toast at a colleague’s retirement party to inspiring a group of students in the classroom.

Developing your presence can increase your confidence and help you overcome any public speaking-related anxiety you may have.

What makes Leaders most anxious in communication?

According to a JDP 2020 Interview Survey, the top response is public speaking.
As a business coach, I found that the leaders who contact me experience typically 3 types of hurdles

Hurdle #1

You’re unable to make a heartfelt connection to your audience from your academic or technical expertise

“I am an expert in my field, why am I such a “terrible” public speaker?”

Because, according to Forbes, you may know your subject matter perfectly, but how you communicate about it and reach your audience may be the biggest hurdle in engaging your audience.

Transferring your knowledge or expertise sounds easy when we truly master subject matter, however, without proper social or emotional intelligence we cannot reach and engage an audience. You may have already been to or heard a dry, one-dimensional academic or technical discourse that nearly put you to sleep.

Don’t let that happen to you! Let’s work on an interactive conversational toned delivery and make a heartfelt, human connection to the audience.

Become the speaker you would want to listen to!

Hurdle #2

You Give Lifeless Presentations

“I know how to make beautiful PowerPoint presentations, why is my audience not responding to me?”

When someone is chosen to speak in front of a group and time is limited, a natural tendency is to want to share as much information as possible in a short time — but what ends up happening is the slides are jam-packed with text, full paragraphs and it turns out the presentation could be read like a book.

The audience does not need to be read aloud to during a presentation!

It is possible to transform your information into conversational and spontaneous language that will sound natural like a real dialogue between you and your audience.

Hurdle #3

You’re ill-at-ease in front of groups

“I am shy and reserved, can I really make an impact with my audience?”

Of course you can!

Not everyone (nearly no one) jumps up an down when the boss says, “Hey you’re giving the new XYZ presentation next week!” For many, especially shy people, they’re scared, they think having a soft voice means they can’t have a voice at all, or they are simply uncomfortable being in front of an audience.

The uncomfort comes from not having many opportunities to speak in public (for example: participate in meetings or class). It is intimidating to let your true personality show.

Let’s be clear: I’m not going to transform you into Steve Jobs, we will work with the strengths you have, with who you are.

You will stay true to yourself !

Public Speakers are not born,

they are made !

Public speaking is a skill that must be practiced, and by the same token will be enhanced to make you comfortable no matter where you are starting from and no matter what your public speaking goals are.


Sharing information with a small group?


Taking the lead as project manager?


Guest Keynote Speaker in front of hundreds of people?


Hosting online virtual presentations?

There is no such thing as a “small event” — engaging and communicating well with one or two other people is just as important as speaking effectively in front of thousands!

Let’s develop your meaningful presence !

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• Personalized Design and Delivery
• Live Practice and Feedback

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