Bridging the Intercultural Gap for Trainers

The Train-the-Trainer program is designed for organizations looking to enable potential Instructors, Subject Matter Experts or Facilitators, to deliver outstanding interactive training sessions. The expected outcome is that attendees will be fully operational to train others! They will develop and assimilate this critical skill and leave the training ready to transmit this knowledge to other adult learners.

Because of today’s global and interconnected marketplace, the trainers must be confident to engage participants from different cultures all the while respecting the corporate protocol. Successful application of various training design methods will lead to achieving the desired corporate training goals! Handling difficult cases and effectively executing a corporate training plan will be highlighted during this training.

The Unspoken Issue That We Address

Training others with the corporate materials is one thing, coaching groups to practice cultural intelligence is another. The challenge is to achieve both effectively, at the same time.

When faced with this dilemma, many trainers cite cultural differences as the biggest hurdle to successful training sessions.

How do we stay true to our own cultural norms while following the corporate protocol and expectations?

This is where the Positive Lee Train The Trainer program comes in. This 3 to 5 day program is a unique solution in the marketplace.

Positive Lee Train The Trainer Program

In every stage of the training, we measure the trainer’s capacity for emotional and social intelligence while cultivating their skills into cultural intelligence. This means the trainers must be willing to adapt and learn to work with different cultures.

#Module 1: Plan

Know Your Culture in the Corporate Culture

• Identifying corporate learning objectives for facilitating a training module
• What are the 3 training methods and why we use them
• Analyzing audience and specific needs
• Analyzing yourself (Self-Quiz)

#Module 2: Design

Designing Your Training for a Multicultural Audience

• 4 key trainer skills
• Design implementation
• Performing and testing your mock training session

#Module 3: Execute

You’ve Designed Your Training, Now What?

• Task condition and congruency
• Handling challenging trainees
• Final performance and feedback session

What participants said about this training:

Invest In Your Potential Trainers Today

At the end of the program, your trainers will be able to transfer corporate and cultural knowledge across borders and stay motivated and committed to working through conflict.


One goal : helping others succeed. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

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