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Dissertation/ Thesis Proofreading, editing and jury defense services

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You’ve come so far before having that diploma in hand: you’ve written the dissertation, and now it’s time to turn it in. But wait…
Did you have someone qualified to proofread it?

Why is that important?

At this critical stage of your academic career, your dissertation must be written with clarity and readability. It’s time to impress the jury!

Four eyes on your dissertation are better than two. I have a reputation for attention to detail and dissecting dissertations to pieces. I do not only spot the grammar and punctuation errors in your copy, I also, and more importantly, help you highlight the focal point of your research.

Working with Master and MBA students for over 8 years, I will give you a comprehensive review of your dissertation, thesis or piece of professional writing to eliminate errors and enhance the power of your own writing.

When you contact me, we will proofread and edit your copy. Then prepare the next step which is the oral defense…oh no! We will look at your presentation and media of choice (there is more than PowerPoint out there!) and prepare you for the – excruciating – jury Q&A session.

This your moment to shine! After all these years of study, the only way to end your academic career on a high note is to bring your presentation to life.

How you handle this pivotal moment sets the tone for next!

Invest in your future career by investing in yourself today.


One goal : helping others succeed. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

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