Experiencing transformation through business coaching is based on a mutual trust

A relationship wherein intent and purpose go hand in hand to achieve your goals

My intent is to help you be your best whether it is to be a more effective communicator with your teams and clients; or to show more caring and empathy to improve your leadership skills and be more confident in the decisions you make.

From French to English :

  • Communicate more easily in front of teams or a multicultural audience
  • Prepare for and manage the ‘trac’ before an internal or external presentation
  • Develop a range of effective listening skills for leadership roles
  • Perfect your elevator pitch, business pitch
  • Get comfortable with your own voice and find a natural tone in your speaking skills
  • Understand our language impacts how others perceive us

We will address the obstacles and improve the odds of success together :

  • Career development (or stagnation)
  • Life changes and transitions
  • Confidence in expressing yourself

How ? By discovering

  • Your own (often) hidden talents
  • Building resilience and coping skills
  • How to increase motivation and improve your communication style

Interviewing : Putting yourself in the best light

You’ve landed your dream job interview (physical or virtual!) with the recruiter, now comes the hard part: do your oral communication skills match the outstanding CV and cover letter that got you to that point?

The excitement of advancing your career can quickly turn to anguish when we see what lies ahead. This one-to-one coaching will help you be ready to put yourself in the best light and give you the confidence to make sure your values and true self come out during the interview process.

What makes job hunters the most anxious in the interview process?

For 41% of respondents to the JDP 2020 Interview Survey, it is not being able to answer difficult questions. Another 20% of the respondents said they were afraid of looking nervous during the interview session.

What about you? Do you freeze up, get nervous, giggle or worse yet, say “I don’t know, what can I say…” when you hear any of these phrases:

“Tell me about yourself…”
“What are your salary expectations…”
“What are your strengths and weaknesses…”

Who would have thought talking about yourself is hard!

In reality, without preparation and practice, the most simple job interview questions can quickly become the most challenging.

During your interview, you will be asked a set of make or break questions and be expected to answer with ease and confidence. That’s why it is critical that you come prepared and show your true self!

We will cover 2 important points of a successful job interview :


#1 Answering the difficult questions

I will help you to develop your mission statement and communicate your true values so you don’t regurgitate what appears on your CV.


#2 Asking the right questions

We will also identify the best questions to ask a recruiter in an interview (for example, inquiring about the alignment of the company values to your own) and avoid the wrong ones!

Ready for “next” ?

Whether you are a recent graduate or seasoned professional, this coaching will be tailor made to suit your unique professional needs.

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