14 December 2021 Nicole M

It’s Finals Week !

December finals week is always one of the most emotional times of the year as it coincides with the realization of another year past ; a time of reflection of what we have achieved and at the same time provides hope for the upcoming New Year.

The finals week for me demonstrates what students have retained and can produce in written form and can take with them on their journey.  I am not a fan of multiple choice questions for higher education learners but I am committed to giving everyone a chance to show what they know and where they have made significant growth.

I am looking back at our shared journey and seeing the growth that each class has achieved  and also recognizing individual milestones  and outstanding work.

Tips for Finals Week :

  • Cramming is not an option !  If you didn’t pick up the material during the course, I highly doubt 3 days of cramming will make a difference.
  • Sleep :  getting to bed early enough and having a solid night’s sleep is essential for test taking optimization.
  • Reflection :  how did I perform over the course of the semester and what are my strengths ?
  • Dress comfortably !
  • Be on time !
  • Stressing for catching the train or metro should be the least of your worries on Final Exam Day !
  • Don’t go out the night before or drink too much !  Holiday parties have started (in small numbers — thank you Covid !)

Good luck to all !


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